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Welcome to St. Vincent & the Grenadines


warm Caribbean welcome to alluring St.

Vincent and the Grenadines – a world

of breathtaking seascapes where the

people are welcoming and the pace is relaxed and

slow. Although this is one of the most beautiful

places in the Tropics, it remains relatively unknown,

and like many visitors to these shores, once you’ve

made your first discovery you will probably return

year after year!

Ins & Outs helps enhance the overall vacation

experience, giving an insider’s glimpse at the flavour

and colour of local life – after all that is the essence

of a truly memorable holiday!

While visiting SVG, whether by boat or staying on

land, we ask that you remain acutely aware of the

fragile environment of these small islands and their

communities. These waters provide some of the

best diving grounds in the world. When snorkeling

or diving do not touch or stand on coral structures

and do not anchor on the reef. Never accept offers

from individuals willing to discard of your garbage

for a fee, please dispose of your garbage personally

in the designated areas. Take along your own

shopping bags and buy returnable bottles and items

with the least amount of packaging.

Enjoy your visit to the islands, we suspect that you

will grow to love them as much as we do.

With best wishes,

The Miller Publishing Team