Barbados in a Nutshell 2018

188 Safety SAFETY Barbados is considered to be a safe place but always be as cautious as you would be at home. Exercise common sense when venturing into isolated locations; secure your valuables; never leave your belongings unattended on the beach or in full view in a locked car; always leave your key at front desk as lost keys mean insecurity. Barbados has never had a shark attack. The most common sharks are Nurse Sharks, which do not attack. There are no poisonous spiders or snakes but a centipede bite, though not poisonous, can be very painful. BE AWARE Barbados is close to the equator and the sun can cause severe damage to the skin, so be sure to use a good sun screen and sit under an umbrella. Before sitting under a coconut tree, check that there are no brown coconuts or drooping brown branches that are apt to fall. If you are stuck by the spines of the black sea urchins found on the reef, although painful, they are harmless and will eventually dissolve and be absorbed by the body. Only pull them out if they are clearly protruding. Don’t leave valuables unattended Use a good sun screen Beware of falling coconuts Sea urchins