Barbados in a Nutshell 2018

94 Contemporary Caribbean Cooking Andrew Hulsmeier Contemporary Caribbean Cooking Cou Cou & Salt Fish Roadside Coconut Vendor Flying Fish Cutter Pudding and Souse Bajan Treats to Sample along the Way With scores of world-class restaurants from coast to coast, Barbados runs the full gamut of choice when it comes to dining out. But, if you want to really immerse yourself in the Bajan culture, then hit the island’s streets and sample some of the weird and wonderful, sumptuous local fare that we Bajans love to eat! Along the highways and byways, you’ll see roadside vendors selling everything from coconut water, roasted nuts and ackees, to roast corn and barbequed pigtails. Bajans are passionate about pork – the ham and pork cutters sold in rum shops are irresistible. Our seasonings and condiments are equally special, and give Bajan dishes their unique flavour. Pudding and Souse, traditionally eaten on Saturdays, is an old island favourite. The pudding is made from grated, well- seasoned sweet potato which is stuffed into the cleaned pig’s intestines and then steamed. It’s servedwith the souse,made from pig’s “features” (head), “trotters” (feet) and flesh which are cooked and pickled with lime juice, onion, cucumber, hot and sweet peppers and parsley. Many people across the island make and sell pudding and souse every Saturday, and every Bajan has their favourite source. Of note, is a place in Lemon Arbor, St. John called the Village Bar, where throngs of Bajans go for their weekly “fix”! Eat & Explore