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Beach Houses

Courtesy Crane Resorts


Barbados has been described as the ‘best compromise in the Caribbean’

– essentially meaning that while nowhere in the world is perfect, this small

island manages to offer a little bit of everything to everybody, creating a

happy balance that can rarely be found elsewhere.

Firstly, this small isolated tropical island is easy to get to from the UK, the

USA and Canada. Barbadians are generally well-educated and helpful people

who are happy to welcome visitors into their life. Barbados is peaceful and

safe. Children grow up happy here. The island is blessed with remarkable

natural beauty, spectacular beaches, ideal sea conditions and the most benign

climate imaginable. Sports and outdoors activities are a natural way of life.

There is a plethora of entertainment, nightlife and dining options. Barbados

works. Barbados is good for you.

The world’s most successful entrepreneurs can make money anywhere and

live anywhere, yet many of them have chosen to invest in a home in Barbados.

That vote of confidence in Barbados indicates that they can enjoy a lifestyle

in this island that is at least as comfortable as in their homeland – possibly

even more so, due to the intangible but invaluable attributes of enjoying a

more relaxed frame of mind and improved health and well-being.