Barbados In A Nutshell 2019 - 2020

110 Property There is an extensive selection of highly attractive property investment opportunities in Barbados. Courtesy Beach Houses/The Crane Resort & Residences Owning a second home in Barbados According to the United Kingdom’s The Telegraph newspaper, “Barbados is fast becoming the holiday home destination of choice.” Aside from Barbados’ impressive global ranking and purely emotional decision-making, here are some added incentives that you may not have considered about owning a second home in Barbados: 1. Ownership of a second home in Barbados offers much more than just ‘bricks and mortar’. The wonderful staff who care for your home and look after you will seem like ‘family’. That is what many owners like most about their home. 2. With home ownership you can be eligible for special recognition with regard to spending longer periods in Barbados. That can also help you to get to know Barbados more intimately and enjoy it even more. 3. Historically, through capital appreciation and rental income, second homes in Barbados have generally proven to be a good investment. 4. With Barbados as your home base, you are closely connected to our Caribbean neighbours and can ‘nip off’ to the St. Lucia Jazz Festival, go hiking in Dominica, sail the Grenadines and so much more. 5. You’ll find it difficult not to boast about your home in Barbados!