Barbados In A Nutshell 2019 - 2020

176 Restaurant Guide Paulo’s Churrasco do Brasil “Indulge in the real taste of Brasil!” Paulo’s Churrasco do Brasil is a true Brazilian churrascaria (steakhouse), ser ving a wide selection of unlimited, top quality meats and poultry, traditionally seasoned and charcoal grilled the way the gauchos did in Southern Brazil centuries ago. Flame-grilled meats are carved directly onto your plate by ‘Passadors’ who continually make their rounds among the tables. Have more of everything, or just your favourites, the choice is yours! Open daily from 6pm St. Lawrence Gap, Christ Church Reservations: 537 6767 Seahorse Seafood Restaurant & Bar “You’ll get hooked on the wide range of locally sourced seafood!” A wonderful seafood dining experience in St. Lawrence Gap, featuring a menu that’s abundant with fresh local seafood. Seahorse offers a boatload of dining options from pickled sea cat and conch, to the freshest of local fish, lobster and the chef’s daily sushi selection. The place exudes an irresistibly casual atmosphere with a warm and friendly Caribbean style. The open deck is the perfect spot to catch the sunset over St. Lawrence Bay while enjoying one of their delightfully boozy cocktails. Open Tues-Sun from 4pm St. Lawrence Gap, Christ Church Reservations: 823 7374