Barbados In A Nutshell 2019 - 2020

178 Rum Pairing Rum Vault “Your Barbados rum experience begins here!” The Colony Club’s elegantly appointed Rum Vault, a first for Barbados, hosts the island’s only exquisite dining experience that includes a professional rum tasting. Selecting from over 150 of the finest rums from around the world, the Vault Chef and Rum Ambassadors offer exquisite rum pairing events, including three weekly dinners ( Storied Rum Dinner, Tales from the Vault and Kill Devil Vault Tapas), Rum & Chocolate pairing as well as rum tasting flights. Available for private celebrations and intimate meetings. Maximum Seating 8 (10 for private functions) Open 2-11pm, Mon-Sat (available Tuesday/Sunday for Private Functions) Mondays 7:30 pm – Tales from the Vault Dinner Wednesdays 8:30pm Rum & Chocolate Pairing Fridays 7:30 pm – Storied Rum Dinner Saturdays 7:30 pm – Kill Devil Rum Tapas Dinner Rum Tasting Flights – Booked on Request during Vault Opening Hours All persons must be 18 years and older to visit Rum Vault. Reservations: (246) 422 2335 Colony Club by Elegant Hotels, Porters St. James