Barbados In A Nutshell 2019 - 2020

184 Car Hire Hiring a Car Visitors must produce a valid driver’s licence in order to obtain a Visitor’s Permit which is usually issued by the car hire companies or from the Barbados Licensing Authority in The Pine, St. Michael, Oistins or Speightstown for BB$10 – it is valid for two months from the date of issue. Driving Tips in a Nutshell • In Barbados we drive on the left. • Seat belts are compulsory. • The roundabout system of lanes: when taking the first left exit off the roundabout you should remain in the left lane; when proceeding straight, take either lane and filter at the exit, all other exits off the roundabout remain in the right lane. At roundabouts always give way to traffic approaching from the right. • The main ABC Highway runs from the Grantley Adams International Airport, parallel to the South Coast and then to the West Coast. • Highways 1-7 all start in Bridgetown and branch out across the island. • Highways A-Z are the smaller roads in between. • When you hear the honk of a horn it has a variety of meanings. It could be a warning, a ‘hello’ to a passing friend, an ‘excuse me, I’m coming’ or a ‘thank you’. • When someone flashes their lights at you at a junction it usually means ‘proceed, I’m letting you go first’. Dan Christaldi