Barbados In A Nutshell 2019 - 2020

46 Shopping Bags & cushions from Very Vanita by Vanita Comissiong Harley-Davidson’s airport store Rum Punch from Cutters FIGURINES - Roslyn of Barbados sculpts, handpaints and fires a series of figurines of Barbadian women. Available at her shop at Pelican Centre. BAGS AND PURSES - Very Vanita has a range of bags and purses as well as cushions featuring the colourful work of Vanita Comissiong. The pieces feature market scenes, local flora and festivals in stunning colours. BATIK - Ayissa Textile Designs in Pelican Centre produces a range of practical household items in her bespoke batik fabric. The Batik Studio at Earthworks hosts Batik classes where you can make your own batik or buy one of Henderson’s stunning pieces. WEST INDIANSEA ISLANDCOTTON - One of the best quality fabrics in the world is made from our local cotton. Beach covers, scarves, nighties, shirts etc., can all be purchased from Exclusive Cotton’s headquarters at The Grove, St. George. T-SHIRTS - You just can’t beat a T-Shirt souvenir and Harley Davidson of the West Indies has some brilliant ones. RUM - Pick up a bottle of Barbados rum to take pride of place for special occasions back home. Many brands are sold in plastic bottles that pack well and are particularly handy if you have a connecting flight. Remember not to take a bottle of rum through security at airports. Figurines by Roslyn of Barbados