Barbados In A Nutshell 2019 - 2020

52 Art & Craft Andrew Hulsmeier Barbadian artist, Henderson Reece of HP Batik Studio. Art and Craft in Barbados The island’s ‘artsy side’ offers a cultural haven among the action-packed activities on offer. The vibrant tropical colours that are all around us are used lavishly in Barbadian art, so steal away for a day and explore the outstanding galleries highlighted on the following pages. Many of them have wonderful, inspirational shows throughout the year so be sure to check our website at to see the events that are on while you are here. And whilst some treasures are sought, others are chanced upon, so on your travels around Barbados be sure to visit some of our talented artists at their studios. They will be delighted to show you their work and you will get an interesting glimpse of Bajan life. Perhaps you’ll find a unique treasure as a reminder of your visit to our ‘island in the sun’. There is also a wide variety of local craftwork, much of it created out of the island’s most readily available natural resources such as clay, mahogany, pandanus grass, coconut, palm fronds, bamboo, shells and leather. The Pelican Craft Centre , near the Bridgetown Port, has the largest selection of local craft on the island and you can watch many of the craftspeople at work. The Earthworks Complex in St. Thomas also presents an excellent variety of high quality craft, particularly pottery and batik.