Barbados In A Nutshell 2019 - 2020

90 Sightseeing Central Barbados The central portion of Barbados is exceptionally verdant with rolling hills and mile upon mile of sugar cane fields. St. George and St. Thomas are the only two parishes not bordered by the sea. An essential stop in the lofty hills of St. Thomas, just off the ABC Highway, is the delightful Earthworks Pottery , a fascinating, working pottery where Barbadian master potters produce quality ware in extraordinary designs. A visit to Earthworks is a one of a kind Caribbean experience that everyone enjoys, especially since the complex also houses On the Wall Art Gallery , The Batik Studio and the lovely Tree Tops Café where you can sit on the breezy verandah and enjoy breakfast, lunch or a cool drink. In close proximity you’ll discover some of the island’s most treasured sites, all within a relatively small radius: Welchman Hall Gully , the breathtaking Harrison’s Cave, Coco Hill Forest and Flower Forest with its towering trees, lush foliage and exotic blooms. Coco Hill Forest is a peaceful and productive Eden clinging to the ridge of land in St. Joseph that leads to the Flower Forest. In fact, the two make a good pairing for an afternoon outing. Both forests reveal the marvels of cultivation that can be achieved on these dramatic Welchman Hall Gully “Monkey feedings between 10:30am & 12 noon.” Take a stroll through one of Barbados’ true tropical treasures. Located in the heart of the island, just 2 minutes from Harrison’s Cave, Welchman Hall Gully is a unique place, definitely well worth a visit. Formed centuries ago when the roofs of caves collapsed, it is now filled with an abundance of flourishing, exotic tropical plants and trees. In the peaceful hush of the forest, visitors can often see troops of Green Monkeys frolicking in the trees – monkeys’ feeding time is generally around 10:30am. Open daily 9am to 4pm. December to April guided tour at 10:30am daily. Tel: (246) 438 6671 (Continued on Page 92) Photo: Barbara Secher Greenidge