Ins & Outs of Barbados 2023

122 Shopping Barbados Books Our recommendations for a good holiday read My Barbados Adventure Colouring Book Maria Desirée A. De Beauville Colour your way to an exciting island adventure and learn fun facts about Barbados with your friends and family! It’s always a great time to explore! Let’s have an adventure in Bim! It's fun for all ages, with easy to colour illustrations, word search puzzles and quizzes. Scan the QR codes to learn more about the activities and attractions of Barbados. A to Z of Barbados Heritage by Sean Carrington, John Gilmore, Addington Forde, Henry Fraser A true A-Z - from Aberdare to Zouave - this fascinating compilation of ‘All things Barbadian’ offers a compelling insight into a comprehensive range of heritage topics from yesteryear and today. Well written and beautifully illustrated with multiple photographs and drawings, this brand new, updated 3rd edition of A to Z of Barbados Heritage provides numerous fascinating and easy-to-read educational tidbits for anybody interested in Barbados, both child and adult alike. Reef Smart Guides Barbados & Dive Cards The ultimate guide for beach and marine activities in Barbados. Detailed descriptions and illustrations are ideal for divers, surfers and snorkelers, or anyone wanting to make the most of their time on the island and in the water.