Ins & Outs of Barbados 2023

176 Restaurant Directory The Camelot Cobblers Cove Hotel, Road View 422-2291 Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Cuisine: International Bombas Beach Bar Turtle Bay 432-5664 236-7750 WhatsApp Lunch & Dinner Cuisine: Bajan/Caribbean Sea Shed Mullins Beach 572-5111 Lunch & Dinner Cuisine: Eclectic St. James Juma’s Alleyne’s Bay 422-0359 Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Cuisine: Bajan/Caribbean/ Eclectic/Mediterranean St. Lucy The Restaurant at Animal Flower Cave North Point 439-8797 | 262-9535 Lunch (Closed Mon) Cuisine: Bajan/Caribbean Catch-22 Sunset Point, Salmond 622-1825 Lunch & Dinner Cuisine: Bajan/Caribbean The Fish Pot Shermans 439-2604 | 439-3000 Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Cuisine: Eclectic Restaurants at a glance St. Peter Baia Queen St., Speightstown 432-2242 Lunch & Dinner 12:00-9pm every day Closed Tue Apr-Oct Cuisine: Peruvian-fusion Pier One Port St. Charles Marina 419-1000 Breakfas t, Lunch & Dinner Cuisine: Eclectic Fisherman’s Pub Queen St., Speightstown 422-2703 Lunch until 6pm (May-Nov)/ Lunch & Dinner until 9pm (Dec- Apr) Cuisine: Bajan Island Plates Delivery only 252-7793 Please order 48hrs in advance Catering for events available Cuisine: Bajan/Caribbean The Local & Co. Queen St., Speightstown 421-3276 | 262-5617 WhatsApp Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Cuisine: Farm to Table/Ocean to Plate/Vegan