Ins & Outs of Barbados 2023

20 At a Glance Sustainability from the GroundUp Apes Hill Barbados’ ground- breaking initiatives place it on a trajectory to become the most environmentally responsible golf course in the Caribbean. The creative design has integrated the surrounding gullies to dramatically enhance the golfing experience, using the undulating topography created by these gullies to add beauty and complexity to the fairways. Apes Hill Barbados Sustainability at the Heart of Luxury However, what lies underfoot tends to dictate the impact a course makes on its environment. Maintaining turf grass usually requires an enormous amount of water, fertilizer, and pesticide. But at Apes Hill Barbados, meticulous research led to the selection of an insect-resistant, low-water- consumption Zorro Zoysia grass. This means that the course requires a smaller volume of water and chemical pesticides to maintain it. With regards to fertilization and keeping pests off the grass, the Apes Hill Barbados Golf Resort and Community team takes a holistic approach, producing their own remedies from natural ingredients such as chicken manure. 100%Rainwater 0% Impact Apes Hill Barbados uses a rainwater catchment system to irrigate the course, grow fruit trees and nurture livestock, among other uses. This reservoir is located in a farmland area and can hold 58 million gallons, harvesting 360 million gallons annually. The water is pumped into an 8 million gallon lake on Hole #16 that also provides a stunning feature.