Ins & Outs of Barbados 2023

24 At a Glance Since the programme’s launch in January 2019, we have been working with businesses, schools, communities and various special interest groups to co-create a better future for Barbados and the planet. Planting One Tree For Every Bajan, 285,000 trees, is no small feat. We need to get everyone on board. We need to create a movement in which everyone is excited about putting trees in the ground and building a better Barbados and world for all. Guided and Driving Tours Reconnect with nature as you immerse yourself in the wonders of Walkers Reserve, one of the most unique destinations in Barbados. Our knowledgeable and enthusiastic tour guide will lead you along various paths, pausing on the journey to observe the wealth of flora and fauna that is protected on site. Learn about the regeneration of Walkers Sand Quarry and its transformation into Walkers Reserve while you experience breathtaking views that can only be seen from the east coast of the island. Tree Planting One Tree For Every Bajan, the Walkers Reserve reforestation project, gives everyone the opportunity to improve their environment, grow food and build climate resilience. Reduce your carbon footprint, build habitats, increase biodiversity and help do your part. Give nature a voice by offsetting your travel and your carbon footprint. You can also gift a tree to a loved one. Every little bit counts! Self Guided Tours Walkers Reserve is perfect for families! Hop off the digital devices, bring the kids and wander along our trails on our self-guided tours. Explore this truly unique environment and reconnect with each other in nature. Eco Markets Visit our Eco Market where you can eat local from community chefs, buy local from our artisans and explore local on special tours! Join us for unique adventures at Walkers Reserve. Walkers Reserve (246) 622-4097 wirredbarbados @walkersreservebarbados Connect with us to experience Walkers Reserve. Get involved and give nature a voice! Or call (246) 422-9308