Ins & Outs of Barbados 2023

56 Activities Under the Sea Dive West Side Scuba West Side Scuba Centre 1 (246) 262-1029 Bridge House, Cavans Ln, Bridgetown, St. Michael, Barbados, W.I. I grew up sailing, snorkeling and scuba diving in the ocean surrounding beautiful Barbados. When I found freediving I truly found my calling. We all have something called the mammalian dive reflex (MDR) which allows our bodies to adapt to Apnea. The MDR is something we have in common with dolphins and whales. They breathe air as we do and yet they are able to hold their breath and dive down for long periods of time. This reflex has been developed over hundreds of thousands of years. Although many of us have lost touch with this ability in our modern lives we can learn to tap into it, to train it and use it again. Despite being an individual sport, freediving is one that requires trust and connects us to others. You never dive better than you do when you have a buddy you can trust to have your back. Contact me to learn more about the art of apnea. - Hanna Allen Hazell’s Water World As the only diving equipment retailer on the island, Hazell’s Water World on Bay Street has freediving equipment for all skill levels – from absolute beginners to more experienced divers. John also carries a wide selection of snorkeling and scuba diving gear for many shapes and sizes. He offers tailor-made advice and recommendations, ensuring that your underwater adventure is as comfortable and safe as possible. Open Tuesday to Saturday 12pm to 4pm (246) 426 4043 | 230 4689 Freediving is the ability to enter the underwater world and to become a part of it. Freedive with Hanna Visit our website for more information about exploring the underwater world. travel-guides/diving Photo: Andrew Western Photo: Andrew Western