Barbados In A Nutshell 2019 - 2020

104 Sightseeing Caribbean Cigar Co. “See how cigars are rolled by hand – All tours are free!” Manufacturers of the finest hand made cigars from Cuban tobacco with long filler. The company manufactures the Royal Barbados line of premium cigars: Cigars, ensuring superior taste and texture, using only the finest raw materials (long filler – Cuban tobacco; binder – Cameroon; wrapper – Ecuador Cuban seed). The European Cigar Journal describes the flavour of the Royal Barbados Cigar as “excellent”. Visitors are encouraged to tour the factory and observe the methods by which these top quality cigars are produced every week. Sold in fine stores, restaurants and hotels, as well as at the factory. #3 Pelican Industrial Park, Bridgetown Tel: (246) 437 8519 Ann’s Fort, the National Armoury & Cannon Museum displays the world’s finest collection of 17th century English iron cannon. The George Washington Attraction (pg. 107) is the only house outside of the USA where young George Washington resided during his visit in 1751 — the tour includes an interesting film about Washington’s time here and a chance to explore the recently rediscovered network of ‘secret’ tunnels running beneath the Garrison complex. Every Thursday at 12 noon there is a Changing of the Sentry Ceremony at the Main Guard, performed in the 1858 Zouave uniform. A full 3 hour Garrison Tour is offered on Thursdays to coincide with the Changing of the Sentry Ceremony. For information on tours of The Garrison, contact James Blades on 233 2601 or Peter Stevens 233 1648. After all the touring around, if you are in need of an interlude, head over to Pavao Courtyard Restaurant at Sweetfield Manor on Brittons Hill, just a few minutes away from the Garrison Historic area. It’s the prefect place to refuel and recharge. Not only is their menu enticing and delicious but you will also be entertained by their free roaming peacocks - it’s the largest free-range peacock pride in the Eastern Caribbean!