Barbados In A Nutshell 2019 - 2020

105 Sightseeing Open Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri 9am - 4pm; Sat 9am - 3pm. Closed Tue and Sun. Group rates available. Tel: (246) 310 5400 / (246) 426 3725 Parliament Buildings, Bridgetown Follow on Instagram: @museumofparliament Museum of Parliament & National Heroes Gallery “Fun and fascinating for all ages.” This small state-of-the-art museum is located in the west wing of the stunning Neo-Gothic Parliament Buildings, which were built entirely of hand cut and carved local coral limestone in the 1870’s. The clever use of interactive audio and video make a visit to the Museum of Parliament and National Heroes Gallery fun for all ages. Guided tours of the hallowed chambers of the Senate and Parliament are included (subject to availability). There is a series of intricate stained glass windows depicting the ruling monarchs from the time of Barbados’ settlement in 1627 to 1870. A beautiful young Queen Victoria stands out over the speaker’s chair and interestingly, Oliver Cromwell is also included in the line up.