Barbados In A Nutshell 2019 - 2020

Mike Toy Andrew Hulsmeier Roadside vendors in Speightstown Port St. Charles Marina Gallery of Caribbean Art Painting by Susan Mains Courtesy Nikki Beach 84 Sightseeing A few miles further north, Gibbes Beach and Mullins are ideal for a swim, and the colourful and very laid back Bombas Beach Bar , just north of Mullins, is a perfect stop for “refuelling”! There’s a wonderful, salty charm to the quaint little seaside town of Speightstown, the first major port and commercial centre of Barbados, with its historic buildings, shaded esplanade and waterfront boardwalk, colourful roadside vendors, fish market and charming cafés and eateries. Once known as Little Bristol because ships laden with sugar and other commodities left Speightstown bound for Bristol in England. A visit to Arlington House Museum gives an introduction to this old port town’s role in Barbados’ sugar industry and the brisk trade it once had with England. On the upper floors, kids will love the chance to captain a ship and meet a pirate! And art lovers will really enjoy a walk around the impressive Gallery of Caribbean Art , located on the upper floor of the shopping centre just next door. There are a number of splendid little restaurants and bars all along the beachfront and boardwalk where you can grab a casual bite and a cold drink before moving on. Just past the Port St. Charles and Port Ferdinand Marinas, and the swanky new Nikki Beach Club, is the charming little fishing village of Six Men’s which has produced some of the island’s most Nikki Beach Club