Barbados In A Nutshell 2019 - 2020

caption caption caption caption 85 Section Courtesy BTMI Bernard Wilkie Mike Toy Shermans Beach Harrison’s Point Lighthouse Cliff tops at Animal Flower Cave skilled boat builders. Interestingly, during the 19th century, whalers set sail from this area. Today, fishermen still bring their fresh catches ashore here and sell them at the roadside. As you drive through Shermans, look out for the Fish Pot Restaurant at Little Good Harbour - a lovely stop for lunch as you explore the north of the island. On the north west coast, tucked away on a remote cliff top near Archer’s Bay, you’ll find Catch 22 Restaurant at Sunset Point. A wonderful stop for lunch, they also now offer day passes so you can lounge by their massive cliff-side pool or take one of their guided hikes to Shroud’s Bay and Harrison’s Point. The steep, weathered cliffs of the northern coastline are constantly pounded by waves coming in from the Atlantic. The resulting erosion provides countless photo opportunities with dramatic rock formations, powerful blow holes and sea caves. The Animal Flower Cave is located on the craggy cliff tops at the northernmost point of the island. This large sea cave, with several huge chambers, is filled with pools, unusual rock formations and a few sea anemones. The cliff-top restaurant offers tasty local dishes and awesome ocean views. There are also some marvellous photo opportunities to be had at River Bay, Little Bay and Cove Bay on the north east coast. igh seeing Mike Toy Cove Bay